Crucian Pictures | 2017

Darren Batty
1. Darren Batty caught this chunky crucian from a small pond in Sheffield.
Gordon Mackay
2. Gordon Mackay caught this nice net of crucians on the pole at Little Apley in Shropshire.

Alex Ledbrooke

3. This grumpy looking crucian was caught by Alex Ledbrooke at Oakside Fishery in Cornwall. Alex fished large cubes of luncheon meat to get through the small fish.

Mark Parry
4. Mark Parry caught this lovely little crucian from Fireman’s Pond, which is controlled by Port Sunlight Angling Club.
Mike Davies
5. This beautifully coloured crucian was caught by Mike Davies on 27th June from Rosie Pool in North Wales. Mike fished a waggler and worm on the hook.
David Redwood
6. This chunky crucian was captured by David Redwood on 23rd June and weighed just shy of 2lb. David used a pinch of breadflake under a float fished against the edge of lily pads.
Ollie Cater 2
7. This beautiful old crucian of 2lb 8oz was caught by Ollie Cater from what he described as an “old estate lake”. Ollie fished a float and .sweetcorn on the hook over a red fishmeal groundbait. Superb catch Ollie.
8. Dan Ings took this unusual shot of a crucian he caught from Abshot Pond in Fareham on 10th June. It was his first session targeting crucians so a great result.
9. Michael Goldsmith caught this nice crucian from Eye Kettleby lakes in Leicestershire. Michael float-fished the margins with double red maggot and caught several other crucians during the session.
Stephen Cullen
10. Stephen Cullen caught this crucian from one of Peter Rolfe’s private crucian ponds in Wiltshire on 19th June. Stephen used a split-cane rod and newly acquired Allcocks Aerial reel.
Kevin Sanders
11. Kevin Sanders fished a morning session on a Norfolk mere in hot, bright conditions and was rewarded with this fine 1lb 12oz crucian.
Mike Berridge
12. This beautifully traditional photograph was taken by Mike Berridge. He caught this 2lb crucian using cater on 12th June from Crucian Corner at Scunthorpe Pisces controlled Yaddlethorpe Ponds.
Kenneth Baxter
13. Kenneth Baxter caught this lovely crucian of 1lb 15oz from his local North Pond.
Duncan Hastings
14. Duncan Hastings took this stunning photograph of one of his 16 crucians caught over one and a half days from Eelstage lake at Pyt House, Wiltshire. Duncan used classic crucian equipment consisting of a cane rod and his grandfather’s centrepin.
Jack Pells
15. Jack Pells caught this high-backed beast of a crucian from a private Surrey pit in early June on float-fished breakflake. What a fantastic specimen!
Garry Lee
16. Garry Lee caught this ancient looking crucian on good, old-fashioned float-fished sweetcorn. Garry cast next to patch of lillies 3 rodlengths out at Cranbury Park; a small pond of about an acre controlled by Eastleigh and District Angling Society.
Leigh Goodgame
17. Leigh Goodgame caught this gorgeous crucian using traditional tackle on the “Glorious 16th” June from Youldon Waters in Devon.


Martyn King
18. This scrappy little crucian was caught by Martyn King on Sunday 11th June from the stunning New Farm fishery near Winsford. Martyn fished the only sheltered area on the lake and used pellet, maggots and casters to take a big catch of crucians.


Colin Hebb
19. Colin Hebb caught this stunning old crucian carp weighing 1lb 13oz from Mill Farm fishery in Leven on the 2nd June. Colin fished in the margins using a float and a big piece of bread flake in 5ft of water next to a over-hanging bush.
John Spilsbury
20. John Spilsbury kicked off Catch a Crucian Month 2017 by catching this cracking high-backed crucian from a flat calm Cheshire lake using bread flake and the lift method. John also brought a centrepin and a Richard Walker Mk IV Avon rod into action, “on a day when the only relief from the drizzle was when it rained properly”. John understandably called the photo “Traditions”.

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