Scenic Crucian Waters| 2017

Gordon Mackay
1. Gordon Mackay captured this lovely image — entitled Never Alone at the Water – of a robin perched on his pole at Little Apley fishery in Telford.
Duncan Hitchings
2. Duncan Hitchings took this lovely shot of the sun rising over a small crucian pond near Donhead St Andrew in Wiltshire.
Neal Greenslade
3. Neil Greenslade captured this lovely photo of a Devon Farm Pond, which was stocked with pure crucians by the Environment Agency only last year.
Mike Davies
4. Rosie Pool, in North Wales – a typical crucian pool complete with lily pads and wildlife in abundance. Photograph taken by Mike Davies.
David Redwood
5. This beautiful lake is hidden among the rolling hills of south Wiltshire – not far from Shaftesbury – and is a picture-perfect crucian fishing location. Photo taken by David Redwood.
Gary Boyce
6. This lovely photograph of a traditional Norfolk farm pond – one of the crucian’s last remaining strongholds – was taken by Gary Boyce at Mill Lodge Farm Fishery.
Ollie Cater
7. This beautiful old estate lake houses the crucians of dreams. Photo taken by Ollie Cater.
Mike Berridge
8. Mike Berridge captured this well-composed shot of Crucian Corner at Yaddlethorpe Ponds near Scunthorpe.
Mike Nayler
9. Mike Nayler took this photograph of Eye Kettleby Lakes in Leicestershire while tutoring overseeing junior angler Leon Taylor catch some crucians.
John Spilsbury
10. John Spilsbury caught this unique shot while fishing for crucians at a Cheshire lake. John said “This little fellow surfaced in order to check I was still blanking, and hence became part of the scenery itself. A completely blank day saved by the scenery and wildlife.”  What fishing is all about!

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