About the Catch A Crucian Competition

The Catch a Crucian competition is designed to encourage more anglers to go crucian fishing. It doesn’t matter if you are a dyed in the wool crucian specialist or someone who has never caught the species before, we want to see as many anglers out there crucian fishing as possible.

Click This Link to find a list of true crucian waters on Peter Rolfe’s website


The Catch a Crucian Month competition is designed to promote crucians as a species, to assist in the recognition of true crucians, to encourage more anglers to take up crucian fishing and to highlight the need to develop specific crucian waters in line with the aims of the National Crucian Conservation Project. This project, which is supported by the Angling Trust and the Environment Agency was the brainchild of Chris Turnbull.


Martin Salter, Angling Trust Policy Chief said: “We are hoping that this competition will create a renewed interest in true crucians and their habitat. Both of which are under threat from changing agricultural practices and through thoughtless stocking policies which are creating more and more hybridisation. The Angling Trust is particularly grateful to our sponsors at Angling Direct, Dynamite Baits and Medlar Press and to our esteemed panel of judges for making it all possible.”

Martin looking very happy with some lovely crucians
Martin looking very happy with some lovely crucians

Film maker and competition judge Hugh Miles said:  “The crucian is one of the most endearing and magical of fish and we are extremely fortunate that these golden beauties are receiving the attention that they richly deserve … before it’s too late.

Hugh Miles on the bank filming the classic "Passion for Angling"
Hugh Miles on the bank filming the classic “Passion for Angling”

Crucian Expert Peter Rolfe added: “Fishing for crucians takes many of us back to our earliest angling days. At last this splendid fish is getting the publicity and support it deserves and I’m delighted to be a judge in this imaginative competition.”


Crucian expert and author of "Crock of Gold" Peter Rolfe.
Crucian expert and author of “Crock of Gold” Peter Rolfe.

Oliver Harper, Angling Direct’s Marketing Manager, said: “The crucian carp is the essence of freshwater angling, holding for many true fishermen treasured memories from earlier days, when the species was more common and the gene-pool less polluted. It is good to hear that this important and inspiring species is finally getting the attention and recognition it deserves with the important work of the National Crucian Conservation Project. Angling Direct are proud to be associated with the competition and the aims of the Project, to bring back the crucian carp to where it belongs to be – at the heart of angling in the UK.”

Daryl Hodges, Head of Marketing for Dynamite Baits, said: “It’s a fantastic competition that gives anglers the opportunity to target one of the UK’s most iconic summer species while also helping to protect them. Lots of anglers also use our baits to catch crucians so we needed little persuasion to get involved.”

July 1st – Sep 30th 2019

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