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C. Junior Anglers with Crucians Gallery 2016 Comp

Here you can see the entries we received  for the “Junior Anglers With Crucians” category in 2016.


Sascha Martin
1. Sascha Martin caught this lovely Crucian of 2lb 3oz from Marsh Farm on a whip. Top work!
Marc Walby 1
2. Doug Walby with a superb Crucian from Cicely Mill Pool on 2nd June. Double red maggot doing the damage!
Chloe Abbott
3. Chloe Abbott, aged 6, with a nice Crucian caught from Claremont Farm, Clatterbridge on float-fished sweetcorn. Well done Chloe!
Ethan Hope
4. 12 year-old Ethan Hope with a Crucian caught from Milton Lake on the Bury Hill complex near Dorking, Surrey.
Harrison Moore
5. 8-year old Harrison Moore with his first ever Crucian carp, caught from Milton Pools on 11th June. A Crucian angler is born!
Eveleyn Hinchcliffe
6. Evelyn Hinchcliffe, aged 7, with a nice Crucian caught on double pink maggot from Barlborough Springs Fishery in Derbyshire. Apparently she’s quite the accomplished Crucian catcher!
Michael Ewing
7. Michael Ewing, aged 7, caught this gorgeous golden Crucian of around 2lb on waggler-fished worm from Hill Pond at Godalming Angling Society’s Marsh Farm Complex. Great angling!
Phoebe Cutter
8. Phoebe Cutter caught this lovely Crucian on float-fished sweetcorn over casters and hemp from Long Ponds in Suffolk.
Emily Sophia-Ainsworth
9. Emily Sophia-Ainsworth looks delighted with her first ever Crucian carp, which was caught from Moss Farm Fishery near Manchester on 4th June. Well done Emily!
Oliver Carroll
10. Oliver Carroll, aged 7, with his first ever Crucian (first ever fish, in fact), caught from Redbridge Lakes using maggots. A great first fish to catch!

Last Years Entries Gallery

On this page you will find the pictures entered into the “Crucian Pictures section of the competition in 2016.


Stu Harris
1. A stunning birthday brace for Stuart Harris, caught on 1st June from HMS Sultan Moat in Gosport, Hampshire .
Michale Brook
2. A fantastic haul of Crucians to 2lb caught by Michael Brook on stewed wheat from his own Youldon Waters in Devon.
Ritchie Martin - Harris Lake
3. Four dark beauties for Richie Martin taken on the float during a stormy day on Harris Lake, Marsh Farm.
Paul Millar 1lb 14oz
4. This gorgeous cru of 1lb 14oz was taken with others of 1lb 12oz, 1lb 14.5oz and 1lb 15oz by Paul Millar from a Prince Albert AS water in the North West.
Kevin Sanders release shot
5. Back she goes! Kevin Sanders slips back a lovely 2lb crucian during the ACA Fish-in at Marsh Farm in Surrey.
Bob Hope
6. Bob Hope with a pretty Crucian caught from Milton Lake on the Bury Hill complex in Surrey.
Vinny Coulson release shot
7. A scraper-2lb Crucian being released by Vinny Coulson during a productive session at a North West still water.
Andy Lewis 2lb 5oz release shot
8. Andy Lewis releasing a fine 2lb 5oz Crucian back into the wild Warwickshire reservoir from which he caught it.
Cole Falconer
9. A lovely little Crucian caught by Cole Falconer on the “glorious 16th” using a scaled-down lift method. Superbly traditional.
Mark Wintle
10. Admiring a fine Crucian that was caught from a venue at Donhead St Andrew, Wiltshire on the 22nd June. Photo taken by Mark Wintle.
David Redwood
11. David Redwood with a cracking Crucian taken from a small pool at Donhead St Andrew, Wiltshire on a pinch of breadflake.
Matt Fernandex crucian pic
12. A trio of 3lb+ Crucians for Matthew Fernandez – part of a 10-fish catch from Johnson’s Lake on the Marsh Farm complex, Surrey.
Garry Procter
13. Garry Procter caught this lovely 1lb 12oz Crucian from a private Wiltshire pond – his only fish of the day but his best from the pool.
Geoff Hunt
14. Geoff Hunt caught this chunky Crucian on sweetcorn over a bed of pellets from Ashby Park caravan site in Horncastle.
Glenys Wood
15. George Wood caught this cracking haul of 80 Crucians from a Canal and River’s Trust reservoir on the outskirts of Wolverhampton in the West Midlands.
Karlos Bickerton
16. Karlos Bickerton caught this scale-perfect Crucian along with a number of nice tench and rudd.
Brett Larke
17. Brett Larke caught this lovely Crucian from Diss Mere in Norfolk, fishing the lift method with bread flake over crumb groundbait just feet from the bank.
John Jenkins
18. John Jenkins caught this beautiful little Crucian from Fisherwick Lakes near Lichfield in Staffordshire.
Chris Netto
19. Chris Netto caught this lovely 1lb 15oz Crucian from Harris Lake on the Marsh Farm complex on the 30th June. Talk about cutting it fine!
John Spilsbury
20. “Here’s looking at you!” – a rare shot of a Crucian basking at the surface between lily pads. Photo taken by John Spilsbury.
Steve Withers
21. Small but perfectly formed – a scale-perfect Crucian caught from a Wiltshire pond by Steve Withers.